Ben’s Story


Youth Fed have changed my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and I am loving working with them.


I first became involved with Youth Fed when I was 15. I had, what some people said, was quite a hard upbringing. My Dad left when I was young and my Mum had mental health issues. When I was 15 I was finding school difficult, I think mainly because I was distracted by things at home as I helped to care for my brothers. My school teacher got in touch with Youth Fed and after talking to the team we decided that the NGage programme would be best for me – I would have a Mentor and we could talk through problems and find solutions.

Nat was great, she really listened to me and understood why I was sometimes not responsive and engaged at school. With some Youth Fed partners I joined a young carers group and also some steps were put in place to help my Mum cope better with coping and caring for my brothers more. I also started attending my local Army Cadet detachment where I got to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award which I’m really proud of as well as taking part on so many things I would never have got chance to do.

As things were easier at home, and I was finally having some fun and making some friends I was finding school easier. When I was 16 I left school with 9 GCSEs including a B in Maths.

Since working with Youth Fed, I always admired what they did and thought that working to support young people was for me. I took a number of access courses and I have just started University doing a degree in Youth and Community Studies.

I first volunteered with Youth Fed when I was 18, acting as a Peer Mentor, but now I am working with them during the school holidays on the National Citizen Service. The NCS programme is brilliant for young people and I encourage any young people of the right age to take part! I am helping young people overcome obstacles in their lives, supporting them to have the best Summer they have ever had and I am getting loads of experience for my qualification whilst also having a pretty fantastic Summer myself!!!

Youth Fed have changed my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and I am loving working with them. The whole recruitment process was straightforward and professional and everyone who works there is really friendly and approachable.

I would recommend working with Youth Fed to anyone!