Joseph’s Story


Joseph is on track on Talent Match


Joseph’s Mum was worried about him, he did not go out much, he stayed in his bedroom playing on his X-box. He would not sign-on for benefits and she was finding it difficult to get him to engage with anything. Our Talent Match Mentor gave her a leaflet and explained as a Mentor how we could help him. The Mentor suggested she have a chat with him and then call to make a suitable appointment.

The Mentor first met Joseph in December 2016 and helped him to obtain a Citizen Card for ID. He told his Mentor he was interested in outdoor pursuits and they told him about the PSD activities that Talent Match were involved with and put him forward for a local outdoor pursuits programme. He turned up on time for every meeting and excelled at all of the activities, so much so that the staff at the programme suggested that Joseph fills in an application form to become volunteers with them – this could possibly lead to paid employment if they show commitment to the volunteering.

Joseph has gained 3 level one outdoors qualifications so far and is on track to get some more!

Joseph has made some new friends through the programme and he and one of the others have both signed up for the Princes Trust 12-week programme.

Joseph’s mum is so pleased with his progress so far. Although Joseph can still be quite a challenge to get in touch with, the Mentor is confident that there is a path ahead for him in a career which interests and inspires him.