Youth Fed Volunteer


When I left college I was a qualified accountant, a profession I enjoy and am good at.


I have always known that I wanted to do more though, I wanted to contribute to my community and I knew if I did, I would also be gaining a lot of life skills and experience at the same time.

I decided to find out where my nearest youth group was and found it through the Youth Fed website. I volunteer twice a week – 1 night at the seniors club and 1 night at the juniors club. When I arrived, I met Tom who had run the club for an amazing 25 years! Tom was getting close to retirement age and it was clear he wanted someone to take over the administrative and governance function of the club.

Tom has worked with Youth Fed for a number of years and recommended I get in touch to see what they could offer us in the way of support. I spoke to the Youth Group Support Officer, Jez, and he told me all of the training opportunities which were available for free and the support he could offer in terms of making sure the procedures were up-to-date.

I signed up for training and have so far completed my Safeguarding, Cyber Safety and Leadership courses. Because we have such a big team, we are considering buying in some training in “Programme Planning” so that we can put together a more structured programme of activities with young people. Jez has agreed to support us with some funding applications too so that we can start to buy some equipment and deliver some personal safety courses.

I can’t recommend the support of Youth Fed enough. The membership is free and the support and guidance have been invaluable. Thanks Youth Fed!