Ethics and the Law


BBC Bitesize

Key Stage 3 – Safety and Responsibility

The Law and Ethics


Tech Partnership

Tech Future Careers – Secure Futures

Secure Futures is designed to demonstrate how exciting a career in cyber security could be and provides access to free resources for teachers to introduce cyber security to students including fun, online games designed to simulate real life cyber situations. The resources teach young people how to stay secure online and make the link between the techniques they can use to ensure their own e-safety, and those used by government and business to protect the nation from cyber threats.

The law and ethics


Cyber Security Challenge

Cybercrime: Preventing young people from getting involved

Cyber Security Challenge UK has developed a working partnership with the NCA to produce free teaching resources to help parents and teachers across the UK to raise awareness of the issue of cybercrime amongst young people.  These include a Lesson Plan and an interactive game.