How to get ready for going back to school after lockdown


Now that we’re into September, it’s difficult to remember a time before the lockdown due to Coronavirus. This has likely left many of us feeling a little short-changed over the school holidays, with greater travel restrictions in place and a great deal of tourist attractions still closed to the public.

The lockdown experience has been a varied one, with many experiencing a safe, enjoyable and possibly even a relaxing time; whereas others will have found the period stressful, frightening and even traumatic.

With schools around the country opening their doors to students tomorrow for the first day of term, we take a look at the many ways students, parents and teachers alike can all prepare themselves for this big change:

  1. Establish a routine

One thing that has united us in lockdown is the total abandonment of daily routine. Many of us have reverted to student-like sleeping patterns of staying up until the small hours or napping during the day. Getting the whole family to return to their normal sleeping patterns and mealtimes will help young people and also parents and teachers to re-adjust to the pre-lockdown day-to-day cycle.

  1. Create things to look forward to

Any planned activity, big or small, can have a huge impact on positivity and motivation levels throughout the week. Even something as simple as planning to buy an ice cream from your favourite café on a Friday could make the week as a whole feel less daunting to a young person, and as other places begin to reopen in the coming months, these activities could increasingly involve spending time with friends.

  1. Have open and honest conversations

Communication is everything when it comes to dealing with change, and the need for pastoral support for young people as they return to school will be greater than ever. Ensure that both the young people within your care have a safe space to share their feelings, and if you are a teacher or parent then also make sure that you have the support you need too through a safe and trusted network.

  1. Get in touch with Youth Fed

Here at Youth Fed, we have a team of trained professionals ready to support young people with any issues they may be facing. If you’d like to speak to someone one-on-one for support and advice, get in touch with us at

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