Our face-to-face programmes are temporarily suspended, however we continue to operate fully by offering a range of online programmes.


Active Youth

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Who's it for

Young people aged 10 – 25 who are currently inactive, i.e. participate in less than 2 hours physical activity per week.

This programme consists of 6 x 1 hour free activity/sports sessions and starts on 7th September 2020 and runs every Monday and Friday.

To reserve your space on the programme, visit here or email Natalie.Garstang@youthfed.org

What is it?

This course is designed to inspire young people to try some new activities with like-minded individuals and inspire them to become more active.

Following the completion of the programme, young people will have the opportunity to return and mentor young people who are taking part. This is great for the CV and an opportunity for you to inspire and pass on your experiences new participants.

Activities include:

☆ Table Tennis

☆ Yoga

☆ Netball

☆ Boxing

☆ Trampolining

☆ Rounders

Youth people who complete a total of six or more sporting activities will be eligible for a Youth Achievement Award!

Active Youth also involves Young Leaders. For each team of 14 young people, two of the team will be Young Leaders. Young Leaders are young people who will lead their team, and with the support of youth workers/coaches/session leads, take responsibility for designing and running the activity programme.

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