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The Cheshire & Warrington Pledge

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Who's it for

Employers across Cheshire and Warrington, young people, teachers, youth workers and parents/carers will benefit from working with the Pledge. The programme is also aimed at individuals who are not yet employed, or those in work who want to progress. The main focus of the Pledge is young people of secondary school age, however much of the information about new technologies and the labour market is relevant to a wider audience.

What is it?

The Pledge Partnership puts employers at the heart of inspiring, informing and communicating with the next generation of employees in Cheshire and Warrington.

The Pledge Partnership enables businesses to work together with educators to provide every young person living, studying and/or working in Cheshire and Warrington with everything they need to succeed in the world of work. With the opportunity to develop employability-related skills and personal qualities whilst in education, there is a choice of employment, training or further education when they leave school.

Employers can work directly with young people, teachers, parents, carers and youth workers to help the local community identify the employment opportunities available.

The programme is delivered through schools and youth groups. It works to ensure that both have career strategies and delivery plans. With the help of employers, the Pledge provide a coherent programme of inspirational opportunities for both employers and individuals. An example is the growing need for digital and STEM-related skills to help drive productivity across Cheshire and Warrington.


Why do we need it?

A recent report revealed that there is a significant disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and available jobs in the UK. This disconnect between aspiration and opportunity raises the concern that far too many young people are ‘destined for disappointment’ when it comes to their future career.

The Pledge aims to reduce this disconnect by helping individuals make informed decisions about subjects to study and possible career progression paths to follow. It also helps businesses to develop links to shape their future workforce, as well as offering development opportunities to their existing employees.

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