UK Youth Praise for Youth Fed Member


We are delighted to receive some wonderful feedback for our members at The Wirral Community Police Boxing Club from UK Youth. Sarah who heads up the programme had this to say:

“I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on one of the clubs who are part of the Active Youth programme – The Wirral Community Police Boxing Club.

I can only say good things, well great things actually about this club. The enthusiasm and commitment from the volunteers is inspiring, especially from Peter Phelan.

As a volunteer who runs this club, Pete has been the most receptive, most dedicated and most enthusiastic worker to deliver the Active Youth programme in any region. Whatever I throw at Pete he always comes back with “I am not sure what I am doing Sarah”. But do you know what? He gives it a go and he does know what he’s doing, because he keeps trying until he achieves it; always thinking of the club and always thinking of the young people they support.

Last week I visited Pete at the club and met with his ambassadors, which was a pleasure; to see such pride from both volunteers and ambassadors made it a truly lovely Friday afternoon. I really wanted to share this with you as, when I was talking to Pete, he explained that he only had contact with Darrell from the Youth Fed (who of course he only had good things to say about!) but would love to be more involved and have wider relationships. So as Pete is a shy man I wanted to share this with you.

Thank you for introducing the club to the programme, they really do great stuff and it’s a privileged to support them.”

Well done all involved so far!