Wirral ACL Free Training Offer


Wirral ACL Free Training Offer

 Preparing for Interviews

(Workshop 3 -hrs)

This session is designed for seeking employment and who need guidance in how to prepare for the interview process. We cover research, body language, communication, appearance, planning your day etc.  It will give people the skills and knowledge they need to optimise their chances of success in an interview.

Safeguarding & Managing behaviours

(Workshop 6 hrs)

This is for those who are looking to work with young people or who currently do and are looking to better their work skills. We cover laws and guidance, signs symptoms and indicators, how to manage a disclosure. In Managing Behaviours we look at aggressive and dangerous behaviours, how it manifests and what to look for, prevention techniques, and how to de-escalate a situation.

Money Max

(Workshop 3 Hrs)

This course is primarily aimed at those finding their feet in the world of personal finance. We cover Payslips and Bank Statements, tax brackets, spending, financial health and how to build a budget, different ways to borrow money with the pros and cons of each, APR and how repayments work, how to handle debt problems, Recognise common financial scams and how to protect yourself, Credit Scores & how it can affect your future and how to look after it, Know where to find support.

*Learners must be aged 19+ and Wirral residents.

For all enquiries contact Michael Jones: michaelj@youthfed.org