Youth Fed at the World Merit Morocco Summit


Earlier this month, Youth Fed was honoured to have been invited to the World Merit Summit in Ben Guerir, Morocco.

The World Merit Council’s Summit is an annual event which brings together numerous national Councils under the brand and vision of a movement. Founded by entrepreneur Chris Arnold, the movement contains people from across multiple nations with the common goal to deliver social action through the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

This year’s World Merit Summit saw over 300 delegates from 40 different countries come together to share their social action experiences and listen to inspirational speakers covering a broad range of subjects. The common thread of the talks was social action; how to promote it, improve it and broaden its impact. Subjects such as mobilising youth through social media, the importance of using technology to capture impact and legal do’s and don’ts were also explored. Speakers included Jihad Bnimoussa Aya Chebby and Libyan American journalist Noor Tagouri, who has actively campaigned to raise awareness of the mistreatment of people with mental health disabilities.

Youth Fed aims to play an important role in this movement by increasing the number of young people engaging with World Merit from within the UK. Through this programme, young people are able to continue their journey of development which began with the Youth Fed. By running local summits, offering relevant rewards and providing encouragement through publicising social action examples, the charity will maximise the impact young people can make in their local communities.

Chris Hindley, Chief Executive Officer at YouthFed comments: “Represending YouthFed at the World Merit Summit in Ben Guerir, Northern Morocco, was a wonderful privilege that provided a unique insight into this amazing movement. It was an opportunity to see first-hand the World Merit family coming together and affords us the opportunity to better develop our partnership with them to ensure our young people are able to fully engage with this opportunity.”

You can find out more about Youth Fed’s partnership with World Merit by visiting: