Cross Topic Resources


Cheshire Police

Cheshire Police offers a comprehensive programme to Cheshire, Warrington and Halton schools Youth Engagement Officers are provided for each town in Cheshire and more details can be found here Safer Schools and Young Person’s Partnership Booklet particularly Page 9 & 10.


Smartie the Penguin

An e-safety story for 3 to 7 year olds.

The story covers the following 3 themes;

  • Pop ups and in app purchasing
  • Inappropriate websites for older children
  • Cyberbullying

The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

For 7 – 11 year olds, the animation has 5 short episodes that highlight the five different SMART rules. In each episode, the main characters are faced with a difficult online situation and call on the help of the SMART crew. The SMART Crew are a group of online ‘experts’, who listen carefully to Kara and Winston and assist them in making safe and responsible decisions online.

The Adventures of Captain Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew can be viewed in one sitting, or as five separate chapters. Watching each one separately, over the course of a half term programme of study, is preferable; to take full advantage of the suggested SMART follow-up activities, to reinforce the learning that has taken place. The full movie lasts for just over eighteen minutes, and each individual chapter lasts around three and a half minutes.


Crossing the Line: PSHE toolkit

‘Crossing the Line’ is a practical PSHE toolkit for educators of young people primarily aged 11-14 years old, that allows them to discuss online behaviour and its consequences. Films and lesson plans  focusing on the issues of: • CYBERBULLYING •SEXTING •    PEER PRESSURE •            SELF-ESTEEM

The resources can be downloaded individually or the pdf toolkit as a whole.


CEOP – ThinkUKnow

Key Stage 1

Lee and Kim’s adventure… Animal Magic an 8 minute cartoon and accompanying resources which teach key online safety messages.

Hectors World

A set of video resources and accompanying lesson plans which teach about

1.    Sharing personal information.

2.    That not everyone they meet is automatically trustworthy

3.    That not everyone they meet is automatically trustworthy

4.    Identify some of the physical sensations that alert us to unsafe situations

5.    To encourage children to be open about their online experiences with a trusted adult


Key Stage 2

Play Like Share: Keeping 8-10 year olds safe online

Play Like Share is a three-episode animated series and resource pack that aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online.

Cyber Café

Linked to the Cyber Café website this is a set of resources which includes lesson plans and material addressing a wide range of topics

1.    Using Technology to communicate

2.    Introducing the Cyber Café website

3.    Communication and Information

4.    Using email safely

5.    Responsible use of the internet

6.    Chatting with care

7.    Using text and picture messaging

8.    Behaving responsibly

9.    Social Networking – Safe Profiling