Our face-to-face programmes are temporarily suspended, however we continue to operate fully by offering a range of online programmes.


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Try a new skill, find help, have fun, make new friends and discover a range of new experiences - designed for young people just like you.

It’s all about potential. Realise yours through some of our life-changing opportunities…

You might want training for a job, help with writing a CV,  to join a youth club, to volunteer or you might just want someone to talk to.

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"I thought my disability would hold me back in some tasks but I have had help and support from the group and made to feel equal."

This has been a great experience which helped me challenge my disability and overcome fears so I can approach life and not be so anxious.

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Youth Clubs and volunteers ensure that we can run Youth Fed and provide so many fun and educational activities for young people in need across the North West. It all starts with you, if you get out there and make the difference, we can encourage our young people to do the same. Get out there today.

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