Cyber Bullying



Information and Guidance for teachers about the topic

Cyberbullying: Understand, Prevent and Respond

Let’s Fight It Together

A resource for 11 to 15 year olds. The award winning film Let’s Fight It Together shows ways in which cyberbullying can occur, who it involves, how it can affect different people, and what can be done to prevent it and respond to it.

Digizen Game

A resource for 11 to 15 year olds which follows on from the cyberbullying film Let’s Fight It Together. The main aim of this game is to personalise and reinforce learning from the film.

Laugh at it, you’re part of it

Drama for secondary aged pupils. The aim is to encourage other young people to create their own responses to digital citizenship issues, such as cyberbullying. As part of this resource, five workshops have been formatted into approximately 50 minute sessions.

Crossing the Line: PSHE toolkit

‘Crossing the Line’ is a practical PSHE toolkit for educators of young people primarily aged 11-14 years old, that allows them to discuss online behaviour and its consequences. Films and lesson plans  focusing on the issues of: • CYBERBULLYING •SEXTING •    PEER PRESSURE •            SELF-ESTEEM

The resources can be downloaded individually or the pdf toolkit as a whole.


South West Grid for Learning

Hollies Story

One of the SWGfL E-Safety Movies. Holly, from the South West and a cyberbullying victim, talks of the victimization she endured. Video resource for KS3 and above.