Cyber Security



Sorted – Keep your information secure online

A new website designed by young people for young people. It aims to give advice and information on computer security issues in a practical and simple way.

Teacher Comment – This This looks good for primary parent information e.g. letter home or event. Appropriate to teach at KS3.

Know IT All Secondary Toolkit

Strong Passwords Lesson Plan and Activity.


CEOP ThinkUKnow

  • Key Stage 2 Cyber Café  – Lesson 2 & 3 Using Technology to Communicate
  • Key Stage 2 Cyber Café  – Lesson 4 Using Email
  • Key Stage 2 Cyber Café  – Lesson 5 Responsible Use of the Internet
  • Key Stage 2 Cyber Café  – Lesson 8 Behaving Responsibly


ThinkUKnow Toolkit


One of the 15 learning activities using the Thinkuknow website. For age 11-13. A detective activity in which young people (YP) try to guess the passwords set by fictional characters. Note you must be registered and logged in to download this resource.


BBC Bitesize

Short class clips which can be used to supplement other teaching resources.

Key Stage 1 -Digital Literacy

  • ·         How do you take care of your personal information?
  • ·         How can you use the web safely?

Key Stage 2 – Digital Literacy

  • ·         What are Viruses and Malware?
  • ·         Should I trust everything I see on the web?

Key Stage 3 – Safety and Responsibility

  • ·         Online Safety

GCSE- Computers in Society

Reliability and Backing Up


Tech Partnership – TechFuture for Teachers

The Tech Partnership has created a series of free online resources designed to help teachers to deliver the new computing curriculum, and to gain more knowledge about cyber security. The resources are accessible from the Tech Partnership Learning Hub.

Teacher comment: The Tech Partnership resources look very good, you need to register, but then can manage classes with the activities.

Cyber Security modules (Level 1, 2 and 3)

The Cyber Aware Teacher course and accreditation for primary and secondary school teachers was created in partnership with NAACE. This opportunity for continuing professional development (CPD) allows teachers to gain more knowledge about cyber security and share it with their students.

Each e-learning module has a set of lesson plans to support teachers to deliver these topics in the classroom. By completing the modules, teachers will have learned about vital areas of cyber security including:

•        Password security

•        CIA (confidentiality, integrity and availability) of information

•        How to prioritise and protect information assets

•        How to deal with malware and other threats

Countdown to Chaos

Designed for 11-14 year olds, this resource places students in role of the Government’s counter-security chief. Through a mix of news flashes, instant messaging and challenges, students will be the decision-maker to direct, and stop the hacker.

It’s flexible, and can be completed either as a class-based activity or by providing students with individual access so they can work on it at home or in an after-school club.

Played out in four ‘acts’, the game can be completed in half a day or over a series of lessons.

Teachers have access to support materials, both for the game and on the topic of cyber security and once registered, have access to whole TechFuture Classroom suite of learning resources.

Cyber Security Advanced

Students look at advanced principles of cyber security through a historical timeline and a hacking scenario, which introduces threat modelling, risk assessment, disaster recovery and the psychology of cybercrime.

Tech Future Careers – Secure Futures

Secure Futures is designed to demonstrate how exciting a career in cyber security could be and provides access to free resources for teachers to introduce cyber security to students including fun, online games designed to simulate real life cyber situations. The resources teach young people how to stay secure online and make the link between the techniques they can use to ensure their own e-safety, and those used by government and business to protect the nation from cyber threats.

  • An introduction to cyber security
  • e-safety
  • The law and ethics

Cyber Security Challenge

Cyber Security Challenge offer free lesson plans and resources for teaching Cyber Security in schools and CPD opportunities for teachers to help them to feel more confident teaching the new Cyber Security content at KS4/KS5 (and equivalent). Teachers are advised to send an email to including the school name and which GCSE/A-Level ICT and Computer Science courses are currently being taught.