Information for teachers on the topic

Picture This (Drama activity about sexting)

For Key stage 4. A practical resource that addresses and questions the sensitive issue of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically. The pack comprises of a 25-minute play script and lesson plans that seek to educate and enlighten young people about the consequences of creating and sending indecent images.

Crossing the Line: PSHE toolkit

‘Crossing the Line’ is a practical PSHE toolkit for educators of young people primarily aged 11-14 years old, that allows them to discuss online behaviour and its consequences. Films and lesson plans  focusing on the issues of: • CYBERBULLYING •SEXTING •    PEER PRESSURE •            SELF-ESTEEM

The resources can be downloaded individually or the pdf toolkit as a whole.


South West Grid for Learning

So You Got Naked Online

A resource that offers children, young people and parents advice and strategies to support the issues resulting from sexting incidents.