Sharing Photographs and Images


South West Grid for Learning

With Friends Like These

This resource aims to raise awareness in young people of the consequences of sharing and publishing images of others. It demonstrates that seemingly small actions quickly gain momentum and get out of control.



Share Aware

For key stage 2. The resource titled Alex is used with the video ‘I saw your willy’ to teach about the dangers of sharing personal photographs online.

Video –


CEOP ThinkUKnow

Key Stage 2 Cyber Café  – Lesson 6 Using Text and Picture Messaging


Key Stage 3 Exposed

A video resource focussing on the sharing of self-taken indecent images, Exposed is aimed at 14-17 year olds, although in practice you may feel the resource is suitable for those outside of this age range.


Thinkuknow Toolkit

2 of the 15 learning activities using the Thinkuknow website. Note you must be registered and logged in to download the Toolkit resource.


Selfies: Exposed – For ages 14+. Young people (YP) watch and discuss the film Exposed, and then write advice for the main character, Dee, whose naked selfie has been shared on social media.

Private Pics Go Public – For ages 14+ Young people (YP) analyse a fictional news story in which nude pictures of a 17 year old star are leaked to the media.

Key Stage 3 First to a Million

An interactive resource for 13-18 year olds focusing on the posting of content online to sites like Youtube, how quickly things can spiral out of control and where young people can get help if it does