Our face-to-face programmes are temporarily suspended, however we continue to operate fully by offering a range of online programmes.


Meet the team

Our work is delivered by an incredible team of mentors, coordinators and youth workers, who are supported by recruiters, administrators, fundraisers, volunteers and trustees. We are all united in our vision to create a society in which all young people are able to achieve their full potential in life.

Talent Match

Mike Atherton
Talent Match Area Manager
Karen Brookman
Intensive Mentor-St Helens
Dianne Lowe
Intensive Mentor-Halton
Laura Ferran
Intensive Mentor
Stephen Mills
Intensive Mentor
Glenys Waterhouse
Intensive Mentor-St Helens
Calvin Owen
Intensive Mentor
Melanie Richards
Intensive Mentor-Halton
Helen Brickles
Intensive Mentor
Rebecca Nixon
Employability Mentor-Working Futures
Linda Brown
Apprentice Mentor

NCS Delivery

Matthew Worthington
NCS Programme Manager
Duncan Harrison
NCS Programme Coordinator
Chris Marchant
NCS Area Manager-Wirral
Simon Valentine
Senior Recruitment & Engagement Officer
Steven Thorpe
Senior Recruitment & Engagement Officer
Leah Owen
Recruitment & Engagement Officer

Employability & Youth Group Support

Natalie Garstang
Operations Manager
Phil Webster
New Futures Employability Mentor
Cheryl Burgess
Administration & Engagement Worker-Working Futures
Michael Jones
Programme Coordinator
Rebecca Hardman
New Futures Employability Mentor
Martin Jones
Cheshire Youth United Support Officer
Emma Ward
Mental Health & Youth Group Support Worker

The Pledge

Andrew Little
The Pledge Youth Engagement Coordinator
Tony McCafferty
The Pledge Youth Engagement Coordinator

Operational Support & Finance

Emma Cowell
NCS Project Manager
Adam Langan
Recruitment & HR Officer
Rebecca Wright
Ops Support Officer
Ciara Sheard
Ops Support Officer
Natalie Durrant
Ops Support Officer
Jayne Glover
Accounts Officer
Debra Millican
Funding Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Chris Hindley
Chief Executive
Mervyn Harding
Director of Finance & Support Services
Kevin Bradburne
Director of Operations (& Safeguarding Officer)
Laura Hickling
Head of Operational Support
Lynsey Whitley
Head of Business Development
Rozita Karami
Head of Digital & Cyber Development

Trustees & Governance

The Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire David Briggs, M.B.E., K.St.J
James Bisset M.B.E.
Chairman of Board of Trustees
Phil Spibey
Glyn Carter
Alastair Stoddart
Peter Bibby
Mandy Kiddle
Martin Pearson

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