Our face-to-face programmes are temporarily suspended, however we continue to operate fully by offering a range of online programmes.


Cyber Academy

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Who's it for

Anyone who is interested in cyber and digital skills or wishes to know more about cyber security, even with no related background or prior knowledge.

This could be any young adults in the North West who are considering options for their future career in cyber security or other digital industries and want to gain more knowledge. It can also apply to people who want to become more familiar with cyber security to increase their awareness around digital safety and have a clearer vision of a future in cyber security.

What is it?

The Youth Fed Cyber Programme is an exciting initiative running in the North West of England. The programme has two main focuses:

  • To inspire potential talent, creating a pipeline for the cyber security industry to respond to the skills gap
  • To make people safer in the digital world

The Cyber Programme is run from two fully equipped Security Operations Centre’s (SOCs) – one based in Salford and one in Daresbury. At the SOCs, our Youth Fed operatives run a series of workshops starting with the Cyber Security Taster Session.

During these workshops, participants have the chance to do some live threat hunting and cyber security simulations on real-time cyber-attacks, engaging in an exercise designed to get them thinking like cyber security professionals.

The programme has a range of different cyber security workshops dependent upon age range, skill set and interest. From our range of workshops, participants can expect the following benefits:

  • Gaining knowledge around cyber security threats and their impact
  • Gaining knowledge around security considerations needed in day to day interactions with cyberspace
  • Experiencing what it would feel like to work in different cyber security careers
  • Exploring possible career paths in cyber security
  • Becoming familiar with higher education options around cyber security
  • Gaining information about apprenticeships and work experience opportunities in cyber security
  • Hands-on experience in cyber security
  • Exercising employability skills in action

Our workshops are free of charge and run during morning and afternoon sessions every day throughout term time.

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